The Truth

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The truth leads you how to be hyper perceptive in this short spiritual voyage.

Experiencing ultimate freedom and life as a short journey. MISSION POSSIBLE


The Truth Human Awareness and Consciousness

Would you like to experience the joy of ultimate freedom?
Would you like to be able to expand your consciousness and
awareness so that your life will become even better?
Are you ready to learn the secrets?

You can find out how you can improve your life with this fascinating and
well-researched book, which takes a look deep within ourselves and
offers a spiritual insight like no other.

In The Truth: Human Awareness and Consciousness, Amon
Nassimi delivers chapters which look at many aspects of our lives and
reaffirms belief through chapters which include:

Mission of love
Life is beautiful
Mission possible
Every day is a beautiful day
Who wants to be a millionaire


Now, you can become spiritually reborn and find yourself in a short
spiritual voyage of discovery within the pages of this book, which will
light the path before you and guide you to your goals.
The Truth: Human Awareness and Consciousness is a
remarkable book which is aimed at remarkable people who just don’t
know it yet.


Get a copy today and uncover the truth for yourself!

Amon Nassimi was a linguist and culture adviser. He died on 6th April
2013, along with Anne Smedinghoff, an American diplomat who last
worked for the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, and several others when the
vehicle they were travelling in was blown up in Qalat Zabul, Afghanistan.
The American officials and their Afghan colleagues were on their way to
donate books to students, at a school in Qalat, at the time of the attack.


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